Empire Universe Canon

This is the Empire Universe Encyclopedia, a compendium of information about this parallel universe.

Preface: 7 Things You Need To Understand

  1. The Empire Universe imagines what life is like in one of the infinite number of parallel universes out there.
  2. The main difference between this universe and our own is that events in the Empire Universe have been shaped for the last thousand years by the global political superpower of the Empire of Australia. That Empire has been ruled by a succession of Empresses, all named Eleanor. They are named after their progenitor Eleanor of Aquitaine, the kick-ass (former) Queen of France.
  3. Into this universe has been thrown a powerful, malevolent being, who often disguises himself as a six-foot-tall rabbit and who delights in causing pain to humans. The Rabbit has the potential to destroy all human life if he gets bored enough. His current plan is to steal something powerful that can get him someplace else for some terrible reason he has yet to reveal.
  4. Into this precarious situation has been thrust Sarah Taylor, the daughter of a noted inventor (Jasper Taylor) who disappeared under mysterious circumstances when she was just a small child and had just mysteriously recovered from a mysterious and nearly fatal illness. Sarah is brilliant and weird. Fun facts: 1) her mother is institutionalized for psychiatric disorders; 2) she lives with dozens of animals that live in her penthouse/warehouse apartment, they appear to all be house-trained; 3) she is really good with math, like crazy good with math.
  5. What really happened to Jasper Taylor (Sarah Taylor’s father, you’ll remember…) is something that is going to become more and more important to more and more people as more and more time goes on.
  6. Like all universes, this one is endlessly expanding. growing, changing, and adapting. Constantly, here right before your eyes, and elsewhere in secret.
  7. You can participate.

Notable Events

Notable Businesses

Current Political Map of the Empire Universe

A map showing the nations of the Empire Universe.

Order Creating the Empire Canon

By my order, I charge that a testament of human endeavour shall be created. This testament shall set forth, without brag or bias, the closest possible truth of the events and circumstances of the world known as the Empire Universe as is possible by human knowledge.

Under pain of death, Ellsbeth d’Poiters, Duke of the Realm, is charged with the completion of this task.

It shall be known as the Empire Universe Canon and into it will pour the secrets of all the world.

Heaven, forgive us.

–Eleanor, Thirty-Third Empress of Australia and Guardian of the Protectorates