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A compendium of information about the Empire Universe.

Preface: 7 Things You Need To Understand

  1. The Empire Universe imagines what life is like in one of the infinite number of parallel universes.
  2. In the Empire Universe, events have been shaped by the Empire of Australia. A succession of Empresses have ruled the Empire. They have all been named Eleanor after their progenitor Eleanor of Aquitaine, the kick-ass (former) Queen of France.
  3. Into this universe has been thrown a powerful, malevolent being. He often disguises himself as a six-foot-tall rabbit. He delights in causing pain to humans. The Rabbit might destroy all human life if he gets bored enough. His current plan is to steal something powerful that can get him someplace else for some terrible reason he has yet to reveal.
  4. Meanwhile, into this precarious situation has been thrust Sarah Taylor. She is the daughter of a noted physicist and inventor (Jasper Taylor) who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She was just a small child at the time and had mysteriously recovered from a mysterious and nearly fatal illness. Sarah is brilliant and weird. Fun facts: 1) her mother is institutionalized for psychiatric disorders; 2) she lives with dozens of animals that live in her penthouse/warehouse apartment, they appear to all be house-trained; 3) she is really good with math. Like crazy good with math.
  5. Therefore, what really happened to Jasper Taylor (Sarah Taylor’s father, you’ll remember…) is something that is going to become more and more important to more and more people as more and more time goes on.
  6. Like all universes, the Empire Universe is endlessly expanding. It is growing, changing, and adapting. Right before your eyes, and elsewhere in secret.
  7. You can participate.

Learn More about the Empire Universe

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You can also read a timeline of the Empire of Australia.

Want to learn more about the current Empress of Australia?

Read the journal of Eleanor XXXIII, the current Empress of Australia.

Did you know…

Flag of the Empire of Australia
…that the Empire of Australia is the most powerful empire in the world.
Paralux Unlimited
…that Paralux Unlimited, the world’s most valuable company, is headquartered in Cascadia.
Pørtland, Cascadia Flag
…that Cascadia has been long known as the Land of Hope because of its tradition of religious tolerance.
Big Think Magazine - haveabigthink.com
…that Big Think Magazine publishes detailed articles on a variety of subjects impacting the world today.
…that the armistice line separates the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia from the territories of the Empire of Australia in North America.
Eleanor 30 | Eleanor 31 | Eleanor 32 | Eleanor 33 | Empresses of Australia | Empire Universe
…that the Empresses of Australia have ruled the Empire of Australia since 1151.
Map showing Neo-Spanish Occupation of the Kingdom of the Maya
…that the United States of New Spain invaded the Kingdom of the Maya on January 1st, 2015.
The Outbreak was a deadly viral contagion event in Cascadia
…that the Outbreak was a deadly viral contagion event in Cascadia that was only contained by the quick thinking of Pørtland’s Overborgmeister, Olivia d’Haviland.
…that the Russian Civil War involved three factions and set the stage for the rise of the Russian Imperium.
Disciples of Jesus
…that the Disciples of Jesus are a branch of Christianity popular in Cascadia.
…that Cascadia declared its independence from the Empire of Australia in 1667.
Jasper Taylor co-founder of Paralux Unlimited
…that Jasper Taylor, co-founder of Paralux Unlimited, was killed in a mysterious accident in 1985.
Fear Of A Black Rabbit by Paul Marie and Jacob DeAngelo
…that Jacob DeAngelo ended up in a mental institution after his excursion to find the Black Rabbit.

Notable Events

Map showing Neo-Spanish Occupation of the Kingdom of the Maya

Neo-Spanish Invasion and Occupation of the Kingdom of the Maya

Notable People in the Empire Universe

Notable Places in the Empire Universe

Notable Businesses

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News Sources

Big Think Magazine

Big Think Magazine - haveabigthink.com - News in the Empire Universe
Big Think Magazine
Cascadia’s Best News Magazine.

Censure Praise and Rumour

Censure, Praise and Rumour is a Cascadian Tabloid Magazine billed as Cascadia's Whisper Factory
Censure, Praise and Rumour is a Cascadian Tabloid Magazine billed as Cascadia’s Whisper Factory

Filthy Lucre Magazine

Filthy Lucre Magazine - Empire Universe News
Filthy Lucre Magazine is part of the Lucrative Publishing Network.


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Episode Five: Empire Tarot, the Long Winter, and Julian Powder Empire Universe

Today we'll be learning a little about the secretive, underground subculture surrounding Empire Tarot. Empire Tarot is its own weird little world within a world. We'll continue by hearing another epic tale from the Secret History of the Empire of Australia, this time about Eleanor the Fourth and the Long Long Winter. Finally, we'll be hearing about Julian Powder's Last Stand and the Powder Mill Murders, from our friends at Big Think Magazine.
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Current Political World Map

The Current Political Map of the World of the Empire Universe
A map showing the nations of the Empire Universe. To view an Interactive Map of the Empire Universe, click the link.