Josephine Imre's Purity Movement

Purity is a social movement and organization founded by tech entrepreneur and Softlogic founder Josephine Imre. Founded in 2016, in the wake of Cascadia’s deadly viral outbreak, Purity is a movement that eschews technology in favour of a simpler life. At its core, the movement believes that all post-industrial technology has led to a worse and worse life for the world’s inhabitants and that the more and more technology people are exposed to, the more disconnected from their ideal state they become. Social and physical ills are blamed on technological progress.

While technology generally is seen as bad, the two main targets of Purity’s ire are Paralux Unlimited and Morgen Genentech.

Controversy has dogged the movement as a violent offshoot, Purity Control, has adopted extreme means to further the agenda of Purity. While consisting of members who claim adherence to the ideals of Purity, Purity Control has never been shown to be connected to the leadership of Purity, and Josephine Imre has denied all knowledge of the group’s activities. She has publicly called for peaceful protest rather than violence to achieve Purity’s desired outcomes.