Toshe Marinos

Toshe Marinos is Cascadia’s wealthiest male, the Executive Officer of Paralux Unlimited, and a major celebrity within the entrepreneur community of Pørtland.

Toshe Marinos was born in Cascadia on a farm outside of Pørtland and showed an early aptitude for science.

He attended Wimahl University and studied under Hugh Everett, and with Jasper Taylor. The two students were inseparable at university and worked on interconnected dissertations to complete their Doctorates of The Material World with a focus specifically on physics.

Toshe’s research was related to creating alternative power sources, specifically fusion power generation, to create a safe massive energy source.

Shortly after graduating, in a garage in Pørtland, the two friends created the Paralux Corporation’s first innovation: a method of storing blood without refrigeration. Many friends and colleagues thought it odd that the two physicists would create a medical technology. Still, the cascade of unusual inventions and innovations that followed proved the pair had an aptitude for thinking outside of the box.

Toshe served as Executive Officer of the fledgling company with Jasper Taylor as Operations Officer.

In October of 1985, Jasper Taylor disappeared in what was considered an experiment gone wrong in one of Paralux’s laboratories. With Jasper gone, and Jasper’s wife Elizabeth institutionalized for insanity, Toshe adopted the couple’s daughter, Sarah.

Currently, Toshe serves as Executive Officer of Paralux and presides over the company’s sprawling endeavours.

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