Baltic Sea Alliance

The flag of the Baltic Sea Alliance

The alliance between the Kingdom of Norway, the Russian Imperium, France, Siam, and the Kingdom of Papua against the Empire of Australia.

The alliance is a defensive one, meaning that if any state is attacked, the other nations have a duty to fight for that country’s protection: an attack on one is an attack on all. However, if any nation were to start a war, rather than be attacked first, the nations of the pact do not need to intervene.

The pact is modelled after a similar pact created in the wake of the invasion of Europe by Eleanor the Fifteenth. However, after a few years, the pact was abandoned by the French Empire under Napoleon the First.

The stated purpose of the Baltic Sea Alliance, according to Harold Haroldsen, King of Norway, is to:

Bring a counterweight in world affairs to the great weight of the Empire of Australia. Too long have nations fallen or suffered at the whims of powerful women who would undo them. The list from history is long: Portugal, Spain, Papua… the list goes on. We must protect ourselves from this empire of destruction.

Harold Haroldsen, XVII, King of Norway

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