Death of Jasper Taylor

Official Explanation

Cascadia was experiencing a tremendous electrical storm that combined the awesome power of a 100-year thunderstorm with a solar storm that disrupted power grids, electronic communications, and generally played havoc with any number of electrical systems.

One of those systems, according to records released by Paralux in the wake of Jasper Taylor’s death in 1986, was a particle accelerator that was badly damaged by the dual storms. The accelerator malfunctioned and released a wave of electromagnetic radiation that was fatal to Taylor. Taylor was dead within ten minutes of exposure, according to internal Paralux documents.


According to experts in the field, including those at Wimahl University, there is no feasible way that what Paralux says happened to Jasper Taylor could have happened.

Vernon Winchell, the Taylor Chair of Physics at Wimahl University, has stated to Big Think Magazine:

“If that’s the way it happened it would have been the most incredibly painful ten minutes of Jasper’s life. It would have been like being cooked inside a vapor oven… the problem is that it couldn’t have happened that way. It’s just not supported by the science.”

Big Think Magazine, “What Really Happened to Jasper Taylor?

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