Devorah Kazmarazz

Devorah Kazmarazz is a Colonel in the Australian Foreign Legion and a decorated hero of the Battle of Three Rivers.

She is the first natural daughter of James McCann and Victoria Kazmarazz. She is sister to Nova Kazmarazz and Allisaya Kazmarazz.

Widely known to have a drinking problem, she has been quoted in Filthy Lucre Magazine saying she is “bored as hell with everything but fighting.”

In 2011, upon the death of her father James McCann, she was embroiled in a family dispute over McCann’s fortune. Included were his ownership stakes in two prominent Cascadia companies: Sassy Lass Entertainment and XYZ. Upon McCann’s death, two wills were produced. One left McCann’s stakes in both companies and considerable other assets to his two daughters. Another will leaving everything to McCann’s then ex-wife, Victoria Kazmarazz. The elder Kazmarazz claimed that a deathbed reconciliation had taken place and that a new will had been drafted. It was witnessed by two of Victoria’s servants, and duly executed by Victoria’s longtime lawyer, Martin. A judicial case was brought and the new will was upheld as valid. In the aftermath, Devorah and her sister Nova received nothing after the death of their father.

Devorah is also widely known to have a poor relationship with most members of her family, her mother and sister included. She does, however, have an excellent relationship with her half-sister, Allisaya.

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