Evalina Persons

Evelina Persons is the founder of Milk A Cow!

Born in 2001, Evelina is the daughter of Brand and Perry Persons, and grew up in the household of Victoria Kazmarazz. Evelina’s parents both work as servants to Ms. Kazmarazz and have for more than twenty-five years each.

A precocious young girl, Evelina took to heart the Cascadian value of entrepreneurship and at the age of 12 started Milk A Cow! and has grown the company from a simple idea into a going concern with many locations open and several more in the process of opening.

Speaking about her idea for the company, Evelina once said: “I think we can learn so much from nature and from the natural world. Our lives have become so mechanized and computerized and distant from real, natural life. Sometimes it’s good for us to get back to that kind of life, if only for a few hours. That’s really what Milk A Cow! is all about. I want to transport people back to a time when they connected with animals, connected with the food they ate, connected more deeply with each other.”

On her plans for the future, Evelina has said: “I believe that getting back to nature is going to be a strong trend for many years to come as technology continues to infiltrate our lives. I’m not completely sure what my plans are going forward, but I know I want to position myself to take advantage of that trend.”

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