The Empire Universe is Many Things…

The Empire Universe is a collection of stories, games, websites, apps, podcasts, movies, series, and live experiences that imagines what life is like in one of the many possible parallel universes: specifically, the Empire Universe.

What is Different About Empire Universe From Our Own?

A lot, but the biggest eight things are these:

  1. The world is dominated by a global superpower known as the Empire of Australia. The power center of this empire is the island of New Zealand. This empire was founded in 1151 by Eleanor of Aquitaine and has been ruled by a succession of 33 Empresses of Australia.
  2. Earth happens to be a sort of prison for a shady character from another world, The Black Rabbit. He is sometimes also known as The Empire Rabbit because of his rumoured place as instrumental in the creation of the Empire of Australia. Who possesses what some might term magic. He is the only creature in this universe that has these abilities as far as anyone knows.
  3. There is no United States of America. After securing their freedom from the Islands of Grand Britain, the American colonies could not agree on how to handle the issue of slavery and split into two separate nations: the Union of American States and the United States of New England.
  4. In 1667, a group of freedom fighters on the west coast of North America seeking religious and cultural liberty from the Empire of Australia declared their independence and proclaimed the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia. This was the only time in the history of the Empire of Australia that it has suffered a defeat.
  5. Cascadia is the home to a thriving, multi-cultural population with a hybrid of indigenous, Australian, Icelandic, English, African-American, and Pasifika cultures. In place of property ownership there is a leasing system. It boasts a representative parlimentary-hybrid form of government. It famously has the most open border policies in the world and has thus became a haven for immigrants and refugees seeking new opportunities and a new life.
  6. In the 1970s, two scientists, best friends, founded a company called Paralux Unlimited. It is headquartered in the Cascadian capital city of Pørtland. It is responsible for some of the most incredible advances in technology of the last fifty years and as such it is the most valuable company in the world—by an order of magnitude.
  7. In 2015 a respiratory contagion emerged in an event known as The Cascadia Outbreak, or sometimes just The Outbreak. This disease was discovered in Pørtland and it spread quickly in the city. The Outbreak was contained due to the quick thinking and scientifically sound actions of the Overborgmeister of Pørtland, Olivia d’Haviland. She ordered a lockdown and quarantine of the entire city and the Outbreak was contained and eliminated with the help of Dr. Klara Lassater, the longtime Director of Advanced Research Projects at healthcare heavyweight Morgen Genentech.
  8. The world is poised for conflict between the Empire of Australia and the countries that make up the Baltic Sea Alliance, led by the Kingdom of Norway and the Russian Imperium. The alliance indicates that an attack against any of the states in the alliance is an attack on all of them, thus serving as a check on the immense power of the Empire of Australia.