Russian Imperium

Flag of the Russian Imperium

The Russian Imperium was created in 1907 upon the execution of Tsar Nicholas II in the Purple Revolution in the Russian Civil War. In the 11 years of conflict that followed between the three major factions vying for control (the White Army, the Army of the Workers, and the Army of the Red Griffin).

After the decisive victory of the Worker’s army over the White Army and the execution of the Tsar and his family, a series of years-long battles ensued between the Red Griffin, which had stayed aloof from much of the fighting up to this point, preferring to allow the White and Worker’s Army to weaken each other. They took this opportunity to strike decisively against the Worker’s Army. In an offensive led by Major-General Aleksei Brusilov, the Worker’s Army was effectively crushed, and victory was declared by the Major-General.

Aleksei Brusilov was promoted by acclamation to First-Eminent Pro-Consul of the Russian Imperium on December 24th, 1910 and served in that role until his death on March 17th, 1926.

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