Paralux Unlimited

Paralux Unlimited

The Paralux Conglomeration came to life in 1974 as the brainchild of two young physicists tinkering on a side project. In a Pørtland, Cascadia garage Toshe Marinos and Jasper Taylor devised an ingenious method for storing blood without refrigeration.

Until 1985, Paralux was run jointly by the two founders who served as Co-Executive Officers. Toshe Marinos took over as sole EO upon the death of Jasper Taylor.

Since Paralux’s founding it has debuted hundreds of devices, services, and products in four key areas: consumer technology, military technology, biotechnology, and medicine.

Current majority shareholders include Toshe Marinos, Sarah Taylor (lone daughter of Jasper), and the secretive fund Thunderbird Holdings.

Paralux Headquarters

An artist’s depiction of The Lightbox in its original design, the Paralux headquarters in Pørtland, Cascadia.
An aerial photo of The Lightbox in Pørtland taken in 2021.

Paralux Inventions

The Paralux Personal Communicator

In 1979, Paralux unveiled the Personal Communicator, which revolutionised personal communication by putting a mobile communication device into everybody’s pockets. The device sold a hundred million units in its first year and five hundred million in its second year. It made both founders billionaires within two years.

A mockup of the original Paralux Personal Communicator in 1979.

The Personal Communicator would evolve into a handheld supercomputer over the following decade.

Food Scanner

The Food Scanner uses sensors to tell the detailed composition and likelihood of spoilage of any food item placed in front of it. While originally intended to assist with weight loss, the device also found a devoted following amongst the paranoid of poisoning.

Trans-Corporeal Magnetic Spectrometer (TCMS)

As the name suggests, the Trans-Corporeal Magnetic Spectrometer was a device for seeing inside the human body to detect disease or defect. Brought into the market in 1986, the device revolutionised the practice of medicine in Cascadia.

Eye in the Sky

The Eye in the Sky is a small flying device that provides videography surveillance. It debuted in the market in 1999.


Paroma is the Paralux artificial intelligence. Now deployed in multiple businesses and government agencies, Paroma is tasked with managing the corporate operations of Paralux.


The Centibot was announced by the military hardware division of Paralux in 2019, but as yet only a prototype has been seen.


The Paralux Vacubot

Controversies and Rumours

The Outbreak

Among the most pernicious rumours surrounding the company is that they were responsible for the Cascadia Outbreak. This rumour gained momentum with the revelation that Paralux employee George Whitmoth was patient zero of the outbreak. The crux of the rumour is that the company was involved in medical experimentations to create a mega virus to serve as a bio-weapon for the Cascadian government and that a failed containment of an accident related to this research was responsible for the outbreak.


The Death of Jasper Taylor

See The Death of Jasper Taylor for this.

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