Opinber Portrait of Eleanor I
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Eleanor of Aquitaine

Founder, in the year 1151 of the common era, of the Empire of Australia. Known as Eleanor…

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Eleanor the Fifteenth

Born in 1482, the fifteenth Empress of Australia (E15), was a powerful warrior who’s battle prowess was…

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Eleanor the Fifth

Born in 1231, Eleanor the Fifth was known as Eleanor the White. This was due to her…

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Eleanor the Fourteenth

Known colloquially as “The Sick Queen”, Eleanor XIV spent the majority of her reign in bed with…

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Eleanor the Fourth

The fourth in the line of Empresses, she was also known as Empress of the Long Winter…

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Eleanor the Second

Also known as Eleanor of Australia, or by her designation in the Catalogue of Empire, E2. Born…

Recreation of the Portrait of Eleanor XVII by Rafael Hemdragoon
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Eleanor the Seventeenth

Born in 1535, Eleanor XVII came to power in 1577 and died in 1590. Her reign was…

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Eleanor the Sixth

Known as Eleanor the Pious, Eleanor the Sixth is also referred to as E6 in the Catalog…

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Eleanor the Third

Born in 1180, Eleanor the Third was also known as The Red Queen or by her designation…

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Eleanor the Thirty-Third

E33 is the thirty-third Eleanor to rule the Empire of Australia. What’s your Reaction? 0 0 0…

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Eleanor the Twentieth

Eleanor the Twentieth, known as The Impious for her lack of religious fervour. What’s your Reaction? 14…

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Eleanor the Twenty-Fourth

Eleanor XXIV (E24) is often referred to as The Green Lady of the Empire. She was responsible…

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Eleanor the Twenty-Third

Eleanor the Twenty-Third was reputed to be a great beauty. During her life, she married nine times…

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Elizabeth Parsons

Elizabeth Parsons is the wife of the late Jasper Taylor and mother of Paralux heiress Sarah Taylor….

Elliott Powell, executive officer of Morgen Genentech
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Elliott Powell

The grandson of Johannes Morgen and the current Executive Officer of Morgen Genentech. What’s your Reaction? 0…

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Ellsbeth d’Poiters

Youngest daughter of Eleanor XXXI, sister to Eleanor XXXII, and aunt to Eleanor XXXIII. Ellsbeth was assigned…

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Empire of Australia

The Empire of Australia is a nation-state with origins on north Zealandia. It is the largest nation-state…

Empire of Brazil
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Empire of Brazil

The Empire of Brazil is a nation-state on the South American continent. The country makes up roughly…

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Envoy for the Royal Word

A title of prominence in the Empire of Australia that denotes the speaker is speaking with the…

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Eva Salal

Born in Si’ahl, in 1974, Eva Salal became the head of Agency 1667, Cascadia’s espionage agency, in…

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Evalina Persons

Evelina Persons is the founder of Milk A Cow! Born in 2001, Evelina is the daughter of Brand…