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Union of American States

The Union of American States (UAS) is a nation-state occupying the south-eastern area of the North American…

Union of Caribbean Islands
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Union of Caribbean Islands

The Union of Caribbean Islands is a confederation of islands unified for collective trade and defence. The…

Flag of the United States
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United States of America

The United States of America was the loose confederation of states that revolted against Grand Britain. This…

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United States of New England

The United States of New England is a nation-state in the North-East corner of the North American…

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United States of New Spain

Originally a colony of the Spanish crown, before the destruction of the monarch at the hands of…

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United States of South Africa

The United States of South Africa is a nation-state on the southern tip of Africa that includes…

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University of the Empire: New Bordeaux

The most prestigious and oldest university of the Empire of Australia. What’s your Reaction? 17 20 2…