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German Resistance Movement

The German Resistance Movement (Deutsche Widerstandsbewegung) is the underground, organized resistance of the German people against the…

Gilberto Roderigo Silva III - President of United States of New Spain - Empire Universe
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Gilberto Roderigo Silva III

Gilberto Roderigo Silva III is the current president of the United States of New Spain and is…

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Global Krona

In 2021, the countries of the Baltic Sea Alliance announced that they would adopt a unified currency,…

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Glowworm Society

The Glowworm Society is an organization that advocates for the adoption of forms of familial structure that…

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Gospel of Thaddaeus

Lebbeus Thaddaeus, one of the original twelve disciples of Jesus is the author of The Gospel of the Sermon on the Mount, also known as the Gospel of Thaddaeus.

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Governor’s Council

The Governor’s Council is an advisory council in the Empire of Australia. It is one of the…

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Gran Colombia

Gran Colombia is a nation-state that occupies nearly two-thirds of the continent of South America. On 7…

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Great Gardens of New Calais

The immense garden complex at the centre of New Calais, the Great Gardens were the brainchild of…

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Great Housing Crisis of 1895

In 1895, in the city of Pørtland, a group of building-lessors gathered together and decided to engage…

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Great Ocean

The Great Ocean, the world’s largest, is sometimes referred to as the Pacific Ocean. What’s your Reaction?…

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Guardian of the Protectorates

The title Guardian of the Protectorates was first used to describe Eleanor the Fifteenth to commemorate her…