Eleanor the Third

A statue of Eleanor the Third Empress of Australia

Born in 1180, Eleanor the Third was also known as The Red Queen or by her designation in the Catalog of Empire, E3.

Her reign began in 1215 at the age of 35. She ruled only seven years and died under mysterious circumstances.

Her daughter, Eleanor the Fourth, was born in 1204.

She assumed the title of Empress in the year 1215 and ruled for seven years, dying at the age of forty-two in 1222.

She is believed to have been poisoned by one of her lovers, who killed her out of jealousy at her favoring of another lover.

She is considered largely responsible for the expansion of the Empire north into the islands of Java, not through her own conquest, but rather through her efforts to bring the shipbuilding techniques of the Javanese. With the knowledge of how to create the Javanese Djongs, she began building what would become the largest navy in the world and pave the way for the Empire’s near monopoly on world trade conducted via sea and ocean.

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