Harold Haroldsen XVII, King of Norway
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Harold Haroldsen the Seventeenth

The current King of Norway. He is the youngest king of Norway in more than three hundred…

Heaven of Earthly Delights a juliana van ordayle novel by Morena Arshagouni
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Heaven of Earthly Delights

Heaven of Earthly Delights is a series of erotic novellas about Juliana van Ordayle. The series is…

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Hector Alvidor

A photographer, Hector Alvidor was famously the second husband of Victoria Kazmarazz and the father of Allisaya…

Hindenburg Dirigibles
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Hindenburg Dirigibles

Hindenburg Dirigibles is the world’s largest commercial dirigible company. What’s your Reaction? 14 3 2 3 0…

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Hobson’s Disease

An extremely rare genetic disorder that causes a wasting syndrome in which the body’s cells fail to…

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Holy Protectorate of the Empire of Australia

The Holy Protectorate of the Empire of Australia consists of the island of Cyprus and the lands…

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House of Laws

The House of Laws is the building in every major population centre of the Empire of Australia…

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Hugh Everett

A major figure in the history of physics, and mentor to Toshe Marinos and Jasper Taylor, Everett…