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Rafael Hemdragoon

A portrait artist of the Empire of Australia, Hemdragoon is most famous for his portraits of Eleanor…

Band of Three - Rayna Hanover - Hero of Cascadia
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Rayna Hanover

A celebrated hero of the Cascadian revolution, Rayna Hanover was one of the Band of Three. What’s…

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Religions in Cascadia

There is a plurality of religions in Cascadia. This plurality exists due mostly to two factors. First,…

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Republic of Louisiana

The remnant of France’s territories in the Americas, the Republic of Louisiana split from its mother country…

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Research Plaza

Home of Cascadia technology giant SoftLogic, Research Plaza is known for its deliberately empty sections that were…

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River Murmur

The infamous “Rent Boy Killer”, River Murmur was accused and censured with the murder of 14 young…

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Royal Census

There is a census of the population of the Empire of Australia every five years. The quinquennial…

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Royal House of Aquitaine

The Royal House of Aquitaine is the name used to refer to the family and descendants of…

Flag of the Russian Imperium
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Russian Imperium

The Russian Imperium was created in 1907 upon the execution of Tsar Nicholas II in the Purple…