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Nakoma Mountain

A large extinct shield volcano due east of Pørtland, but within the Pørtland Autonomous Government Zone. The…

Nakoma Mountain Trust Logo
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Nakoma Mountain Trust

The Nakoma Mountain Trust is the organization that oversees the Nakoma Mountain Expanse and the related properties…

Napoleon the Tenth
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Napoleon the Tenth

Napoleon the Tenth is the current Emperor of France. What’s your Reaction? 10 17 0 3 0…

Nathan Chambers First Minister of Cascadia - Empire Universe
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Nathan Chambers

Current First Minister of the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia. What’s your Reaction? 2 0 0 0 0…

Map showing Neo-Spanish Occupation of the Kingdom of the Maya
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Neo-Spanish Invasion of the Mayan Kingdom

On January 1st, 2015 the first, second and third divisions of the army of the United States…

Never Before Starring Anna Moreau - Empire Universe
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Never Before

A drama series starring Anna Moreau. A high-concept show, the series was based around the character of…

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New Bordeaux

The city of New Bordeaux is the capital of the Empire of Australia. The city is located…

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Nova Kazmarazz

The second natural daughter of Victoria Kazmarazz and James McCann. Younger sibling to Devorah Kazmarazz and older…