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War of the Seven Nations

The creation of the Sioux Nation and it’s fight for autonomy and independence from other regional powers…

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Washington Compromise

The Washington Compromise was the name given to the goal of uniting the two factions of the…

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West Carolina

A state in the Union of American States. West Carolina is known for its whisky and coal…

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White Hat Killer

The White Hat Killer was an infamous serial murderer in Cascadia. The White Hat Killer would capture…

William Shakespeare in the Empire Universe
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Willam Shakespeare

A brief description of the Englishman William Shakespeare could never convey the complexity and contradictions of the…

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Wimahl Psychiatric Institute

Wimahl Psychiatric Institute is a mental health treatment facility in the Cascadian capital of Pørtland. The Institute…

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Wimahl River

The largest river in Cascadia, the Wimahl River separates lower and upper Cascadia, cuts through the heart…

Wimahl University in Pørtland, Cascadia
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Wimahl University

Wimahl University is the oldest and most prestigious university in Cascadia. Founded in 1645, Wimahl began as a private…

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Wings of Corvids

A now abandoned and decrepit tenement housing project built in Pørtland’s inner district that was created to…

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A Witness-Public is a person designated by the Crown of the Empire of Australia to witness and…

calm body of water with rocks near trees and mountain
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The mountain that overlooks the city of Pørtland. What’s your Reaction? 7 18 1 2 0 0…