Jacob DeAngelo Adventurer - Empire Universe
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Jacob DeAngelo

A biologist and zoologist who set out to find The Black Rabbit. Some very bad things happened…

Jasper Taylor co-founder of Paralux Unlimited
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Jasper Taylor

Jasper Taylor was born in Cascadia to parents Marie and Albert Taylor on August 2nd, 1950. A…

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Joe Franklin

Reportedly born and raised in the United States of New Spain, Joe Franklin arrived in the Sovereignty…

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Johannes Morgen

Johannes Morgen was a scientist and medical researcher who founded Morgen Genentech in 1977. The son of…

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John Mari

John Mari is the head of Advanced Research Projects for Morgen Genentech. He was appointed to the…

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Josephine Imre

Founder of SoftLogic, Josephine Imre is a prominent technologist who turned against technology after The Outbreak. She…

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Joshua Romero

President of the Union of American States. Currently serving his 7th consecutive term as President. Romero is…

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Justice Council

The Justice Council is the fourth-ranking council of advisors in the Empire of Australia. The council advises…