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Empire Calendar

The Empire Calendar consists of twelve 30-day months followed by a period of five days known as…

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Empire of Aotearoa

The Empire of Aotearoa is another name for the Empire of Australia. Aotearoa refers to the islands…

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Empire of Australia

What is the Empire of Australia The Empire of Australia is a nation-state with origins in south…

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Empire of Australia Timeline

About This Timeline The following timeline includes key events in the history of the Empire of Australia,…

Empire of Brazil
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Empire of Brazil

The Empire of Brazil is a nation-state on the South American continent. The country makes up roughly…

The Empire Universe Flag of Japan
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Empire of Japan

An economically powerful nation specializing in high-tech manufacturing and design. The Empire is ruled by the Emperor…

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Empire Tarot

Empire Tarot is a variation on classical tarot with a different deck and highly regimented orders of…

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Empress of Australia

The Empress of Australia is the title of the Head of State and Head of Government of…

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Empresses of Australia

The Complete List of the Empresses of Australia The following is the complete list of the Empresses…