Dark House musical subgenre pioneered by Mr Darling
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Dark House

Dark House is a musical subgenre of House music pioneered by Cascadian DJ Mr Darling. Typified by…

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Death of Jasper Taylor

Official Explanation Cascadia was experiencing a tremendous electrical storm that combined the awesome power of a 100-year…

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A décret is a decree or edict rendered by the Empress of Australia. A décret has the…

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Décret 1713

In Décret 1713, Eleanor the Nineteenth decreed that every third Thursday of the month should be considered…

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Décret 2941

One of the most influential decrees made by a ruler of the Empire of Australia, it is…

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Décret 3627

This decree created the world’s most extensive marine reserve. It is centred in the Australian Ocean. It…

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Décret 3704

in Décret 3704, Eleanor the Thirty-Third decreed that popular elections would be held to determine the governor…

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Décret 3792

Décret 3792 set about to create more favourable terms for the social-labour contract in the Empire of…

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Décret 3794

On May 2nd, 2022, Eleanor the Thirty-Third announced Décret 3794 which created a new census paradigm for…

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Defense Council

The Defense Council is the fifth-ranking council of advisors to the Empress of Australia. The council advisors…

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Democratic Republic of India

The world’s largest democracy, the Democratic Republic of India (DRI) is a nation of more than 1…

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Deutsche Widerstandsbewegung

See also German Resistance Movement. What’s your Reaction? 20 14 2 4 0 0 0

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Devorah Kazmarazz

Devorah Kazmarazz is a Colonel in the Australian Foreign Legion and a decorated hero of the Battle…

Disciples of Jesus
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Disciples of Jesus

The Disciples of Jesus (DOJ) is a Christian sect existing in Cascadia, the United States of New…

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Duchy of Catalina

Originally part of the territories of the Empire of Australia, the Duchy of Catalina was a gift…

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Duke of the Realm

The title given in the Empire of Australia to those closely related to the crown, but not…