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This article refers to the City. For the Emperor of Brazil, please refer to Teodósio the First….

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The Black Rabbit

The Black Rabbit is a mythical creature, sometimes also referred to as The Empire Rabbit, The Great…

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The Complex

A dance and social club in Pørtland, Cascadia. What’s your Reaction? 6 7 1 2 0 0…

The Farm, Josephine Imre's Estate in Pørtland Cascadia
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The Farm

The name for Josephine Imre’s estate, the headquarters of her movement Purity. What’s your Reaction? 18 7…

An invitation to the The Howling Claw Supper Club
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The Howling Claw Supper Club

In April 1886, Cascadian John Sparrow created The Howling Claw Supper Club. A successful restauranteur, Sparrow’s previous…

train near trees inside building with indoor waterfalls
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The Hub

The city of Pørtland’s transportation centre, the Hub is a massive structure that melds nature with technology…

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The Long Winter

The period generally referred to as The Long Winter was the time after the explosion of Mount…

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The Mark Marvel Show

The Mark Marvel Show is a business and economics Farnsworth show starring financial whizbang Mark Marvel. What’s…

The Outbreak was a deadly viral contagion event in Cascadia
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The Outbreak

The Outbreak refers to an infectious disease outbreak that took place in the Cascadian capital of Pørtland…

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The Quiet Period

An epoch of Australian history including and between the reigns of Eleanor the Ninth and Eleanor the…

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The Real Truth About Plot 27

The Real Truth About Plot 27 is an album by the DJ and recording artist mr darling…

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The Red Lion

See Eleanor the Fifteenth. What’s your Reaction? 0 14 0 2 0 0 0

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The Wharves

The Wharves is a neighbourhood of Pørtland, Cascadia in the north-northwest of the city that is adjacent…

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Tool Power Now

This Chinese manufacturer of power tools has grown to be one of the biggest in the world…

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Toshe Marinos

Toshe Marinos was born in Cascadia on a farm outside of Pørtland and showed an early aptitude for…

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Tower of Mysteries

Built during the reign of Eleanor VIII, the Tower of Mysteries was built for occult rituals rumoured…

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Towers of Justice

Built during the reign of Eleanor XIII, the Towers of Justice house the Empress’s High Court. What’s…