Temnota (темнота), literally meaning “Darkness”, is the internal and external security force of the Russian Imperium. It is one of the most feared security agencies on the planet and one of the few to have gained the upper hand against 1151, the Empire of Australia’s security apparatus.

The motto of the group is “Тьма найдет тебя” which translates as “Darkness will find you”.

The group was started in 1918 in the wake of the murder of Josef Stalin at the hands of Alexsei Brusilov’s personal guard. The guard apparatus, then unofficially organized as a unit surrounding the Russian general, was officially organized in the state’s security apparatus.

The new organization was headed by Vyacheslav Rudolfovich Menzhinsky, a sometime novelist of Russian-Polish ancestry whose family was part of the Polish nobility. The master of 10 languages, Menzhinsky was a polymath and early convert to the cause of the Red Griffin.