James McCann

James McCann was the founder of two companies listed on the Cascadia Exchange: Sassy Lass Entertainment and XYZ Endeavors.

Considered a visionary entrepreneur, James McCann became one of Cascadia’s wealthiest individuals, rivalling both Toshe Marinos and Jasper Taylor for the title of the wealthiest Cascadian male through much of the 1980s.

Critically injured in a ski-jumping accident on Wy’east, James McCann’s final testament would become a rupture in time for McCann’s two natural daughters, Devorah Kazmarazz and Nova Kazmarazz. A protracted legal battle between Devorah and her estranged mother over the distribution of assets from the McCann estate followed the sudden appearance of a late-drafted final testament granting everything to McCann’s then-ex-wife, Victoria Kazmarazz.

Allegations have appeared in print that Victoria faked the testament and bribed two Testament Magisters to rule in her favour.