Great Housing Crisis of 1895

In 1895, in the city of Pørtland, a group of building-lessors gathered together and decided to engage in what was termed “The Big Squeeze” in which they would systematically raise rents on their sub-tenants to squeeze from them every conceivable cent.

The Big Squeeze resulted in a 400% jump in the unhoused population in the city and a public emergency was declared.

The Overborgmeister of Pørtland at the time, Mdm. Chalice Goldsmith instituted the third of Pørtland’s great building projects in which publicly-funded and controlled housing was constructed at a rapid pace to house up to 7,000 residents who had been evicted from their lodgings by the titans of The Big Squeeze.

Among those housing projects built were the now-defunct buildings of the Wings of Corvids project, the infamous location of many of the murders committed by Corvus.