Gran Colombia

Gran Colombia is a nation-state that occupies nearly two-thirds of the continent of South America.

On 7 September 1821 the Gran Colombia (a state covering much of the then colonies of Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, northern Peru, and the northwest of Brazil) was proclaimed by Simón Bolívar who became the nation’s first president.

Modelled after the United States of New England, Bolívar imagined a country free from the tyranny of monarchy. Instead, Colombia would be a nation of laws enacted by a freely elected Congress and governed by an elected head of state.

Eventually the nation would expand to include most of the southern part of the continent and most territory not claimed by the Empire of Brazil.

The current president of Gran Colombia is Francesca de la Vega.

The gross domestic product of Gran Colombia is 3.7 trillion Common Sovereigns, making it one of the largest economies in the world.