Governor’s Council

The Governor’s Council is an advisory council in the Empire of Australia. It is one of the Governing Councils, that makes suggestions for new laws and regulations for the Empire.

There are 34 members of the Governor’s Council, one for each domain. They are chosen every five years after the Royal Census.

In 2020, as part of the governing reforms introduced by Eleanor the Thirty-Third, popular elections were held amongst the citizens to determine the Governors of each domain.

The ninth-level council, the Governor’s Council ranks the lowest in the realm.

However, it is the only council of the realm that includes four members to sit on the Privy Council. These members are chosen by the council. Typically, this is the Council Chair and three other members. However, this norm has sometimes been ignored by the council.

A vote of the governors elects the Council Chair once per year. A tie vote is broken by the deciding vote of the Empress of Australia, although in practice this rarely happens.

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