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1151 is the spy agency of the Empire of Australia. While the military might of the Empire…

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7d is a consumer services and consulting company in Cascadia and a member of the Cascadia Stock…

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A Day in the Death

A Day in the Death is an album by Cascadian dark house DJ Mr Darling which envisioned…

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Administrator of 1151

The Administrator of 1151 is the highest-ranking officer in the Empire of Australia’s spy agency, 1151. What’s…

Agency 1667 - The Spy Agency for Cascadia
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Agency 1667

Created in the same year of Cascadia’s independence, Agency 1667 was the clandestine organization started as an…

Alba Traversee
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Alba Traversee

A wealthy investor and entrepreneur, Alba Traversee, is the founder or co-founder of six major companies. She…

Allisaya Kazmarazz
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Allisaya Kazmarazz

The youngest natural daughter of Victoria Kazmarazz, Allisaya Kazmarazz is the third of Victoria’s three natural daughters….

American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia
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American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia

The American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia was created by Décret 1901 in 1666 by Eleanor…

Anna Moreau
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Anna Moreau

Anna Moreau is the star of Never Before, Once Upon a Time in Adelphia, and The Saturn…

Another Stunning October - Empire Universe
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Another Stunning October

Another Stunning October is a film and Farnsworth production company responsible for dozens of programs including Once…

Arlington House - Home of the Presidents of the Union of American States - Empire Universe
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Arlington House

The traditional residence of the President of the Union of American States. What’s your Reaction? 4 3…

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Armistice Line

The Armistice Line is the border between the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia and the Empire of Australia’s…

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Arts Council

The Arts Council is the seventh-ranking council of advisors to the Empress of Australia in the Empire…

The flag of the Australian Foreign Legion
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Australian Foreign Legion

The Australian Foreign Legion (AFL) is a military organization composed of volunteers from countries not under the…

Bacchanalia in the Empire of Australia
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The Bacchanalia (sometimes also called “Bauchanalia” or the “Empire Bacchanalia”) is a five-day period of rest and…

The flag of the Baltic Sea Alliance
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Baltic Sea Alliance

The alliance between the Kingdom of Norway, the Russian Imperium, France, Siam, and the Kingdom of Papua…

Papua Jungle - Battle of Three Rivers - Empire Universe
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Battle of Three Rivers

The Battle of Three Rivers is the colloquial name for the last battle of the war 2011…

Benjamin Franklin, first President of the United States of New England
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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was the first President of the United States of New England. Franklin served for only…

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Big Deal Oil Company

Big Deal Oil Company is the world’s foremost hydraulic fracturing company. Using a patented method, Big Deal…

Big Think Magazine - haveabigthink.com
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Big Think Magazine

A news magazine based in Cascadia, Big Think is known for its long-form profiles of complicated subjects…

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Bourreau d’Allemand

The German Hangman or sometimes the Hangman of Germany, is an official title granted by Napoleon VI…

CAFFA - Cascadia Film and Farnsworth Award
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The Cascadian Film and Farnsworth Awards (CAFFAS) are the premier awards for works for the large and…

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Capital Monster

This financial company provides high interest loans to anybody dumb or desperate enough to take them out….

Empire Universe - Captain Cutter
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Captain Cutter

A commander in the Cascadian army during the War of Independence, Captain Cutter was the most prominent…

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Cascadia Apparel

Cascadia Apparel is the maker of three popular clothing brands: Mr. Boredom and Ice Queen their twin professional…