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“Beneath Wide Northern Skies”

“Beneath Wide Northern Skies” is the national anthem of the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia. The Text of…

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“Meeting the French Ambassador”

“Meeting the French Ambassador” is a second-year episode of the series Privy Councilors in which the three…

Crest of the Empire of Australia's 1151
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1151 is the spy agency of the Empire of Australia. While the military might of the Empire…

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7d is a consumer services and consulting company in Cascadia and a listed member of the Cascadia…

The artwork created for the album cover of A Day in the Death features the White Hat Killer in a cubist nightmare.
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A Day in the Death

A Day in the Death is an album by Cascadian Dark House DJ Mr Darling that envisioned…

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Administrator of 1151

The Administrator of 1151 is the highest-ranking officer in the Empire of Australia’s spy agency, 1151. The…

Aesa Alabast, Security Officer of Paralux Unlimited
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Aesa Alabast

Aesa Alabast is the Security Officer of the Paralux Unlimited company.

Agency 1667 - The Spy Agency for Cascadia
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Agency 1667

Created in the same year of Cascadia’s independence, Agency 1667 was the clandestine organization started as an…

Alba Traversee
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Alba Traversee

A wealthy investor and entrepreneur, Alba Traversee, is the founder or co-founder of six major companies. She…

Aleksei Brusilov
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Aleksei Brusilov

Aleksei Brusilov was a Russian Major-General of the Army of the Red Griffin and the original First-Consul…

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Alessa d’Poitiers

The sister of Eleanor the Thirtieth, Alessa d’Poitiers was a noted inventor and polymath responsible for inventing…

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The Alibi is a seedy bar in The Wharves and a known hangout for members of the…

Allisaya Kazmarazz
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Allisaya Kazmarazz

The youngest natural daughter of Victoria Kazmarazz, Allisaya Kazmarazz is the third of Victoria’s three natural daughters….

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Alyce du Chessé

Alyce du Chessé is the founder of the Laboratoire du Corps, the oldest medical school in the…

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Alys d’Poitiers

The sister of Eleanor the Thirty-Second and aunt to Eleanor the Thirty-Third. Captain of the Queen of…

American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia
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American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia

The American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia was created by Décret 1901 in 1666 by Eleanor…

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Andersen Award

The Andersen Award is a prestigious series of awards offered by the Andersen Foundation in a variety…

Anna Moreau
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Anna Moreau

Anna Moreau is the star of Never Before, Once Upon a Time in Adelphia, and The Saturn…

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Annual Work Hours

The concept of Annual Work Hours is the standard workload expected of a full-time employee in Cascadia….

Another Stunning October - Empire Universe
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Another Stunning October

Another Stunning October is a film and Farnsworth production company responsible for dozens of programs including Once…

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AP Glass

AP Glass refers to so-called Avian Protection Glass, a type of glass that birds can see as…

The Flag of Arawak
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Arawak is a sovereign nation-state in the NE corner of the South American continent.

Arkay Consortium
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Arkay Consortium

The Arkay Consortium is an investing group whose owners and motives are obscured. The origins of the…

Arlington House - Home of the Presidents of the Union of American States - Empire Universe
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Arlington House

The traditional residence of the President of the Union of American States.

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Armistice Line

The Armistice Line is the border between the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia and the Empire of Australia’s…