“Beneath Wide Northern Skies”

“Beneath Wide Northern Skies” is the national anthem of the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia.

The Text of the Song

O Cascadia, land of the free,
From your towering peaks to the vast open sea.

Born from the ashes of old tyranny’s night,
Your sons and daughters arose in the light;
Through the forests and deserts, their courage did ring,
In the battles for freedom, their voices still sing.

Cascadia, our home, where diverse spirits dwell,
In the chorus of faiths, our hearts proudly swell.
From many we rise, beneath wide northern skies,
Together as one, in this sacred place.

Here, where the rivers meet ancient shorelines,
Indigenous wisdom through time intertwines;
With whispers of worlds both far and near,
A tapestry woven, each thread clear.

Cascadia, our home, ever strong and ever free,
With a future as vast as the endless sea.
Beneath wide northern skies, in unity we trust,
In Cascadia, the fair, forever just.