Iron Hammer

The Symbol of the Iron Hammer

The Iron Hammer is a fabled secret society tasked with the protection of Cascadia against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Origins of the Iron Hammer

Iron Hammer is said to have its origins at a bar known as the Frog and Lily Pad in Pørtland. A man and woman gathered together in the bar, meeting for a clandestine affair, were waylayed in one of the Cascadian Governor’s random security checks. However, the pair were released owing to a wanted criminal also choosing the Frog and Lily Pad for his night’s refreshment. Having been spared, the couple found themselves radicalized and that night they founded the Iron Hammer.

Major Operations

While historians have argued about the group’s true impact on the war with the Empire of Australia, even critics agree their most successful operation was the Trial and Execution of Captain Horatio Cutter.

Horatio Cutter held the rank of Captain in the nascent army of Cascadia. He conspired to betray Cascadia, was found out by members of the group and was subsequently executed after being found guilty at trial.

Secrecy of the Iron Hammer

It is said that for a member of the Iron Hammer to reveal the identity of another member would mean certain death in 36 hours. Meetings of more than four members together are strictly prohibited to prevent large-operation elimination of their numbers by enemy forces.


There are many rumoured members of the Iron Hammer, but most are not known during their lifetime. The members sometimes recognize their number after death through the placement of the symbol upon a gravestone or nearby the place where they perished.

Prominent members or suspected members include Lydia James, James McCann, Toshe Marinos, Klara Lassater, and Nathan Chambers.

Generally, membership is limited to Cascadians who are non-naturalized citizens, but there are prominent examples of immigrants who were members of the group as well, including Ignacia de la Reina and Isabella d’Aquitaine.

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