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Agency 1667 - The Spy Agency for Cascadia
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Agency 1667

Created in the same year of Cascadia’s independence, Agency 1667 was the clandestine organization started as an…

Empire Universe - Captain Cutter
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Captain Cutter

A commander in the Cascadian army during the War of Independence, Captain Horatio Cutter was the most…

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Cornelia Street

Cornelia Street is a major thoroughfare in the city of Pørtland, Cascadia, which is known as the…

A painting of the infamous serial killer Corvus.
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According to trial transcripts, Corvus is the killer of more than 172 people between the years 1901…

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Death of Jasper Taylor

Official Explanation Cascadia was experiencing a tremendous electrical storm that combined the awesome power of a 100-year…

Eva Salal - Empire Universe
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Eva Salal

Born in Si’ahl, in 1974, Eva Salal became the head of Agency 1667, Cascadia’s espionage agency, in…

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First Minister

The position of First Minister is the highest position of government within the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia….

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Great Housing Crisis of 1895

In 1895, in the city of Pørtland, a group of building-lessors gathered together and decided to engage…

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Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia

The Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia, commonly referred to as Cascadia, is a nation-state in the NW area…

The Symbol of the Iron Hammer
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Iron Hammer

The Iron Hammer is a fabled secret society tasked with the protection of Cascadia against all enemies…

Madeline Gabriel looking at one of her famous buildings
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Madeline Gabriel

A famous Cascadian architect and the foremost leader of the Post-Modernist School of architecture.

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Nakoma Mountain

A large extinct shield volcano due east of Pørtland, but within the Pørtland Autonomous Government Zone. The…

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The Overborgmeister is the title given to the mayor of the Autonomous Governmental Zone of Pørtland.

Paralux Unlimited
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Paralux Unlimited

The Paralux Conglomeration came to life in 1974 as the brainchild of two young physicists tinkering on…

An image from Cascadia Plot 27, where the government of Cascadia is rumoured to hold evidence of alien life
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Plot 27

In the forest near the edge of the Nakoma Mountain Trust, this section of land is rumoured…

Pørtland, Cascadia Flag
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The Autonomous Capital Region of Pørtland (Pørtland ACR) is the greater metropolitan area surrounding the capital of…

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Pørtland Autonomous Government Zone

The Pørtland Autonomous Government Zone is the area known as the central government district for the Independent…

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Powder Mill Murders

WARNING: The following contains graphic descriptions of grisly deaths and murders. In 1916, in the logging town of…

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Public Sphere

One of the main central plazas in the city of Pørtland, the Public Sphere is a round…

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Qviksyndi Forest

The Qviksyndi Forest refers to an area east and south of the Wimahl River on the east…

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Research Plaza

Home of Cascadia technology giant SoftLogic, Research Plaza is known for its deliberately empty sections that were…

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River Murmur

The infamous “Rent Boy Killer”, River Murmur was accused and censured with the murder of 14 young…

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Sentral Tower

A large office building in the centre of Cascadia’s capital region, the Sentral Tower is a post-modernist-style…

The Complex - Pørtland's Favorite Dance Club
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The Complex

A dance and social club in Pørtland, Cascadia.

An invitation to the The Howling Claw Supper Club
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The Howling Claw Supper Club

In April 1886, Cascadian John Sparrow created The Howling Claw Supper Club. A successful restauranteur, Sparrow’s previous…