Australian Foreign Legion

The flag of the Australian Foreign Legion

The Australian Foreign Legion (AFL) is a military organization composed of volunteers from countries not under the control of the Empire of Australia.

Highly regimented, organized and disciplined, the AFL reports directly to the Empress of Australia under the command of a member of her family, typically an aunt, cousin, or niece. Its ranks are roughly 70% female and 30% male, with the majority of highly-ranked positions being occupied by women.

In 2021, in Decrét 3471, Empress Eleanor the Thirty-Third ordered the AFL to begin operations around the world to protect wildlife. It was announced the divisions of the AFL would be distributed around the world to assist with the protection of the Mountain Gorilla in the Kingdom of Kongo, Rhinos in the Empire of Kitara and the Ndebele Kingdom, and Polar Bears in Canada.

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