Battle of Three Rivers

Papua Jungle - Battle of Three Rivers - Empire Universe

The Battle of Three Rivers is the colloquial name for the last battle of the war 2011 war between the Empire of Australia and the Kingdom of Papua.

The name of the battle was an inside joke between the participants, who counted General River Martinessas of the Papuan Kingdom amongst the three rivers, while it took place and the confluence of the April River and the Sepik River in Northern Papua.

A particularly bloody conflict, the battle raged for fifteen days and saw close combat on numerous occasions with both sides running out of ammunition and engaging in hand-to-hand combat.

Ultimately, the battle is said to have been won by the Empire of Australia, despite heavy losses, because of the actions of the Australian Foreign Legion and especially the efforts of then-Major Devorah Kazmarazz who risked her own life to rescue a group of AFL soldiers that had been pinned down in a trench. The rescue turned into an advance, with Major Kazmarazz leading the pinned soldiers on a further assault of the main encampment of the Papuan forces and taking General Rivers hostage.

For her efforts, Major Kazmarazz was promoted to Colonel and awarded the Medal of Valour, the Seven-Pointed Star, and the Wounded Hero Medal in a ceremony conducted by Empress Eleanor XXXII in one of her final public acts.

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