Sassy Lass Entertainment

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Sassy Lass Entertainment is a company in Cascadia that specializes in lifestyle entertainment. Which is exactly what you think it is.

History of Sassy Lass

The company was founded by serial entrepreneur James McCann. Upon McCann’s sudden demise as a result of a skiing accident, there was a scandal involving the appearance of two last will and testaments. One left everything to McCann’s estranged ex-wife, Victoria Kazmarazz. Another will left everything to McCann’s two daughters, Devorah and Nova.

After a lengthy court case that gripped the nation, Victoria Kazmarazz was granted sole ownership of all McCann’s property. This included his controlling interest in Sassy Lass Entertainment. The company is currently run by Victoria Kazmarazz as its Executive Officer, although her second daughter, Nova Kazmarazz increasingly runs a significant part of the company’s operations.

Current Activities

Sassy Lass is divided into three divisions: live entertainment; publishing; and technology.

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