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Crest of the Empire of Australia's 1151
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1151 is the spy agency of the Empire of Australia. While the military might of the Empire…

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Administrator of 1151

The Administrator of 1151 is the highest-ranking officer in the Empire of Australia’s spy agency, 1151. The…

Agency 1667 - The Spy Agency for Cascadia
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Agency 1667

Created in the same year of Cascadia’s independence, Agency 1667 was the clandestine organization started as an…

American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia
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American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia

The American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia was created by Décret 1901 in 1666 by Eleanor…

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Armistice Line

The Armistice Line is the border between the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia and the Empire of Australia’s…

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Arts Council

The Arts Council is the seventh-ranking council of advisors to the Empress of Australia in the Empire…

The flag of the Baltic Sea Alliance
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Baltic Sea Alliance

The alliance between the Kingdom of Norway, the Russian Imperium, France, Siam, and the Kingdom of Papua…

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Décret 3704

in Décret 3704, Eleanor the Thirty-Third decreed that popular elections would be held to determine the governor…

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Décret 3794

On May 2nd, 2022, Eleanor the Thirty-Third announced Décret 3794 which created a new census paradigm for…

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Defense Council

The Defense Council is the fifth-ranking council of advisors to the Empress of Australia. The council advisors…

Equalisation Theory
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Equalisation Theory

Equalisation Theory is a theory that is common in the study of the Empire of Australia which…

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Foreign Council

The Foreign Council is an advisory council to the Empress of Australia and the second-highest-ranking council according…

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Governor’s Council

The Governor’s Council is an advisory council in the Empire of Australia. It is one of the…

The Symbol of the Iron Hammer
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Iron Hammer

The Iron Hammer is a fabled secret society tasked with the protection of Cascadia against all enemies…

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Joshua Romero

President of the Union of American States. Currently serving his 7th consecutive term as President. Romero is…

King Thor Tresloggett King of Kingdom of Papua
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King Thor Tresloggett

Sometimes referred to as the Old Man of Papua, King Thor Tresloggett is the reigning king of…

Napoleon the Tenth
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Napoleon the Tenth

Napoleon the Tenth is the current Emperor of France. What’s your Reaction? 10 17 0 3 0…

Nathan Chambers First Minister of Cascadia - Empire Universe
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Nathan Chambers

Current First Minister of the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia. What’s your Reaction? 2 0 0 0 0…

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Olivia d’Haviland

Olivia d’Haviland is the current Overborgmeister of Pørtland. She is currently serving the second year of her…

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The Overborgmeister is the title given to the mayor of the Autonomous Governmental Zone of Pørtland. What’s…

Pørtland, Cascadia Flag
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The Autonomous Capital Region of Pørtland (Pørtland ACR) is the greater metropolitan area surrounding the capital of…

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Prosecutor of the Crown

The Prosecutor of the Crown is the chief law enforcement officer of the Empire of Australia. The…

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Public Sphere

One of the main central plazas in the city of Pørtland, the Public Sphere is a round…