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7d is a consumer services and consulting company in Cascadia and a listed member of the Cascadia…

Alba Traversee
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Alba Traversee

A wealthy investor and entrepreneur, Alba Traversee, is the founder or co-founder of six major companies. She…

Arrow Logo
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Arrow is a Cascadia-based weapons manufacturer. The company is listed on the CSX. The company is a…

Benjamin Franklin, first President of the United States of New England
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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was the first President of the United States of New England. Franklin served for only…

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Big Deal Oil Company

Big Deal Oil Company is the world’s foremost hydraulic fracturing company. Using a patented method, Big Deal…

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Capital Monster

This financial company provides high interest loans to anybody dumb or desperate enough to take them out….

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Cascadia Apparel

Cascadia Apparel is the maker of three popular clothing brands: Mr. Boredom and Ice Queen their twin professional…

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The largest producer of music in the world, Circa22 manages some of the world’s most prolific and…

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The Cascadia Stock Exchange (CSX) is the main stock exchange for the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia. What’s…

Elliott Powell, executive officer of Morgen Genentech
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Elliott Powell

The grandson of Johannes Morgen and the current Executive Officer of Morgen Genentech. What’s your Reaction? 7…

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Evalina Persons

Evelina Persons is the founder of Milk A Cow! Born in 2001, Evelina is the daughter of Brand…

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Global Krona

In 2021, the countries of the Baltic Sea Alliance announced that they would adopt a unified currency,…

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Johannes Morgen

Johannes Morgen was a scientist and medical researcher who founded Morgen Genentech in 1977. The son of…

Lead Like An Empress: Management Lessons from the World's Greatest Empire
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Lead Like An Empress

A management self-help book that utilizes lessons from the leaders of the Empire of Australia and delivers…

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Marketwire is a financial news source for the world with headquarters in Cape Town, Pørtland, Paris, Mumbai,…

Paralux Unlimited
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Paralux Unlimited

The Paralux Conglomeration came to life in 1974 as the brainchild of two young physicists tinkering on…

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Perkins, Ellis, Cave and Monteclift

A financial consultancy company. Sarah Taylor got her start in the industry at the company. What’s your…

Sassy Lassy Entertainment Logo
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Sassy Lass Entertainment

Sassy Lass Entertainment is a company in Cascadia that specializes in lifestyle entertainment. Which is exactly what…

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Tool Power Now

This Chinese manufacturer of power tools has grown to be one of the biggest in the world…