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Agency 1667 - The Spy Agency for Cascadia
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Agency 1667

Created in the same year of Cascadia’s independence, Agency 1667 was the clandestine organization started as an…

The flag of the Baltic Sea Alliance
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Baltic Sea Alliance

The alliance between the Kingdom of Norway, the Russian Imperium, France, Siam, and the Kingdom of Papua…

Papua Jungle - Battle of Three Rivers - Empire Universe
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Battle of Three Rivers

The Battle of Three Rivers is the colloquial name for the last battle of the war 2011…

The Conquering Hero - Eleanor XV on a horse at the head of a conquering army amidst green fields of Portugal
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Conquest of Portugal

The Conquest of Portugal took place on September 21st, 1545 and was a military operation conducted by…

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Global Krona

In 2021, the countries of the Baltic Sea Alliance announced that they would adopt a unified currency,…

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Great Housing Crisis of 1895

In 1895, in the city of Pørtland, a group of building-lessors gathered together and decided to engage…

General Herman Tyler was the 13th President of the Union of American States.
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Herman Tyler

President-General Herman Tyler was the 13th President of the Union of American States.

The Symbol of the Iron Hammer
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Iron Hammer

The Iron Hammer is a fabled secret society tasked with the protection of Cascadia against all enemies…

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Joshua Romero

As of this writing, the current President of the Union of American States. Currently serving his 5th…

Map showing Neo-Spanish Occupation of the Kingdom of the Maya
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Neo-Spanish Invasion of the Mayan Kingdom

On January 1st, 2015 the first, second and third divisions of the army of the United States…

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Old Man of Papua

See also King Thor Tresloggett and the Kingdom of Papua.

Pørtland, Cascadia Flag
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The Autonomous Capital Region of Pørtland (Pørtland ACR) is the greater metropolitan area surrounding the capital of…