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Aesa Alabast, Security Officer of Paralux Unlimited
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Aesa Alabast

Aesa Alabast is the Security Officer of the Paralux Unlimited company.

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Death of Jasper Taylor

Official Explanation Cascadia was experiencing a tremendous electrical storm that combined the awesome power of a 100-year…

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Elizabeth Parsons

Elizabeth Parsons is the wife of the late Jasper Taylor and mother of Paralux heiress Sarah Taylor.

Jasper Taylor co-founder of Paralux Unlimited
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Jasper Taylor

Jasper Taylor was born in Cascadia to parents Marie and Albert Taylor on August 2nd, 1950. A…

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Josephine Imre

Founder of SoftLogic, Josephine Imre is a prominent technologist who turned against technology after The Outbreak. She…

Paralux Unlimited
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Paralux Unlimited

The Paralux Conglomeration came to life in 1974 as the brainchild of two young physicists tinkering on…

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Paroma is an artificial intelligence developed by Paralux Unlimited. Paroma’s name is a portmanteau that stands for…

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Sarah Taylor

The daughter of Paralux founder Jasper Taylor. She is currently the largest shareholder of stock in Paralux…

The Outbreak was a deadly viral contagion event in Cascadia
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The Outbreak

The Outbreak refers to an infectious disease outbreak that took place in the Cascadian capital of Pørtland…

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Toshe Marinos

Toshe Marinos is Cascadia’s wealthiest male, the Executive Officer of Paralux Unlimited, and a major celebrity within…