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Allisaya Kazmarazz
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Allisaya Kazmarazz

The youngest natural daughter of Victoria Kazmarazz, Allisaya Kazmarazz is the third of Victoria’s three natural daughters….

The flag of the Australian Foreign Legion
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Australian Foreign Legion

The Australian Foreign Legion (AFL) is a military organization composed of volunteers from countries not under the…

Papua Jungle - Battle of Three Rivers - Empire Universe
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Battle of Three Rivers

The Battle of Three Rivers is the colloquial name for the last battle of the war 2011…

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Devorah Kazmarazz

Devorah Kazmarazz is a Colonel in the Australian Foreign Legion and a decorated hero of the Battle…

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Evalina Persons

Evelina Persons is the founder of Milk A Cow! Born in 2001, Evelina is the daughter of Brand…

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Hector Alvidor

A photographer, Hector Alvidor was famously the second husband of Victoria Kazmarazz and the father of Allisaya…

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Nova Kazmarazz

The second natural daughter of Victoria Kazmarazz and James McCann. Younger sibling to Devorah Kazmarazz and older…

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Victoria Kazmarazz

Victoria Kazmarazz is an entrepreneur and currently serves as Executive Officer of the Sassy Lass Entertainment Company….