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Crest of the Empire of Australia's 1151
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1151 is the spy agency of the Empire of Australia. While the military might of the Empire…

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Administrator of 1151

The Administrator of 1151 is the highest-ranking officer in the Empire of Australia’s spy agency, 1151. The…

American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia
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American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia

The American Protectorate of the Empire of Australia was created by Décret 1901 in 1666 by Eleanor…

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Armistice Line

The Armistice Line is the border between the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia and the Empire of Australia’s…

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Arts Council

The Arts Council is the seventh-ranking council of advisors to the Empress of Australia in the Empire…

The flag of the Australian Foreign Legion
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Australian Foreign Legion

The Australian Foreign Legion (AFL) is a military organization composed of volunteers from countries not under the…

Bacchanalia in the Empire of Australia
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The Bacchanalia (sometimes also called “Bauchanalia” or the “Empire Bacchanalia”) is a five-day period of rest and…

Papua Jungle - Battle of Three Rivers - Empire Universe
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Battle of Three Rivers

The Battle of Three Rivers is the colloquial name for the last battle of the war 2011…

Beatrix d'Bordeaux
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Beatrix d’Bordeaux

Beatrix d’Bordeaux was the second daughter of Eleanor the Twenty-Eighth, the younger sister of Eleanor the Twenty-Ninth,…

An artist's depiction of Bernard d Homme Nouveau
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Bernard d’Homme Nouveau

A member of the Knights Hospitaller of the Australian Order and a rumoured spy for 1151, Bernard…

Empire Universe - Captain Cutter
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Captain Cutter

A commander in the Cascadian army during the War of Independence, Captain Horatio Cutter was the most…

The Official Flag of Cascadia
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Cascadia Timeline

What is the Cascadia Timeline? The following Cascadia Timeline outlines major events in the history of the…

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Catalogue of Empire

The Catalog of Empire is the official written historical recording of the facts of the lives of…

The Chamber of Authority in the Palace of the Seven Stars
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Chamber of Authority

The room in the Palace of the Seven Stars in which the Empresses of Australia are crowned.

The Colossus of New Bordeaux is a statue of Eleanor the First that sits in the middle of the harbour of New Bordeaux.
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Colossus of New Bordeaux

The Colossus of New Bordeaux is a statue of Eleanor the First that sits in the middle…

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Complexe du Parc Central

The Complexe du Parc Central in New Bordeaux is the expansive park system at the heart of…

The Conquering Hero - Eleanor XV on a horse at the head of a conquering army amidst green fields of Portugal
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Conquest of Portugal

The Conquest of Portugal took place on September 21st, 1545 and was a military operation conducted by…

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A décret is a decree or edict rendered by the Empress of Australia. A décret has the…

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Décret 1713

In Décret 1713, Eleanor the Nineteenth decreed that every third Thursday of the month should be considered…

brown trees on brown field during daytime
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Décret 2941

One of the most influential decrees made by a ruler of the Empire of Australia, it is…

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Décret 3627

This decree created the world’s most extensive marine reserve. It is centred in the Australian Ocean. It…

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Décret 3704

in Décret 3704, Eleanor the Thirty-Third decreed that popular elections would be held to determine the governor…

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Décret 3792

Décret 3792 set about to create more favourable terms for the social-labour contract in the Empire of…

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Décret 3794

On May 2nd, 2022, Eleanor the Thirty-Third announced Décret 3794 which created a new census paradigm for…

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Defense Council

The Defense Council is the fifth-ranking council of advisors to the Empress of Australia. The council advisors…