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7d is a consumer services and consulting company in Cascadia and a listed member of the Cascadia…

Agency 1667 - The Spy Agency for Cascadia
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Agency 1667

Created in the same year of Cascadia’s independence, Agency 1667 was the clandestine organization started as an…

Alba Traversee
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Alba Traversee

A wealthy investor and entrepreneur, Alba Traversee, is the founder or co-founder of six major companies. She…

Anna Moreau
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Anna Moreau

Anna Moreau is the star of Never Before, Once Upon a Time in Adelphia, and The Saturn…

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Armistice Line

The Armistice Line is the border between the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia and the Empire of Australia’s…

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Bernard d’Homme Nouveau

A member of the Knights Hospitaller of the Australian Order and a rumoured spy for 1151, Bernard…

Big Think Magazine - haveabigthink.com
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Big Think Magazine

A news magazine based in Cascadia, Big Think is known for its long-form profiles of complicated subjects…

Brown Robe
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Brown Robes

Brown Robes is a colloquial term for followers of Josephine Imre’s Purity movement. What’s your Reaction? 17…

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Capital Monster

This financial company provides high interest loans to anybody dumb or desperate enough to take them out….

Empire Universe - Captain Cutter
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Captain Cutter

A commander in the Cascadian army during the War of Independence, Captain Horatio Cutter was the most…

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Cascadia Apparel

Cascadia Apparel is the maker of three popular clothing brands: Mr. Boredom and Ice Queen their twin professional…

The Official Flag of Cascadia
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Cascadia Timeline

What is the Cascadia Timeline? The following Cascadia Timeline outlines major events in the history of the…

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Children of Corvus

The Children of Corvus are members of the supposed murder cult founded by the eponymous “Corvus” whose…

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Chinook Wawa

One of the five official languages of the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia. What’s your Reaction? 12 14…

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The largest producer of music in the world, Circa22 manages some of the world’s most prolific and…

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Cities of Cascadia

The major cities of Cascadia are as follows: Sea Haven With a population of 8.6 Million, it…

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Cornelia Street

Cornelia Street is a major thoroughfare in the city of Pørtland, Cascadia, which is known as the…

A painting of the infamous serial killer Corvus.
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According to trial transcripts, Corvus is the killer of more than 172 people between the years 1901…

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The Cascadia Stock Exchange (CSX) is the main stock exchange for the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia. What’s…

Dark House musical subgenre pioneered by Mr Darling
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Dark House

Dark House is a musical subgenre of House music pioneered by Cascadian DJ Mr Darling. Typified by…

Inquisitor of Dogma Denis d'Bordeaux
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Denis d’Bordeaux

Denis d’Bordeaux became infamous as the Inquisitor of Dogma for Cascadia from 1579 to 1581. He was…

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Devorah Kazmarazz

Devorah Kazmarazz is a Colonel in the Australian Foreign Legion and a decorated hero of the Battle…

Disciples of Jesus
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Disciples of Jesus

The Disciples of Jesus (DOJ) is a Christian sect existing in Cascadia, the United States of New…

Elliott Powell, executive officer of Morgen Genentech
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Elliott Powell

The grandson of Johannes Morgen and the current Executive Officer of Morgen Genentech. What’s your Reaction? 7…

Eva Salal - Empire Universe
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Eva Salal

Born in Si’ahl, in 1974, Eva Salal became the head of Agency 1667, Cascadia’s espionage agency, in…