Factotum of the Realm

The Factotum of the Realm is the highest-ranking courtier in the government of the Empire of Australia. They administer all aspects of the governance of the Empire. They serve at the pleasure of the Empress of Australia. Generally, they are a close personal friend or a member of the close family of the Empress.

An effective Factotum can lead to an effective reign or can hinder its ability to accomplish the goals of the Empress and as such, it is considered an extremely important role for the Empress to choose well.

The Factotum is also imbued with powers to rule in place of the Empress at times when the Empress is unable to fulfil her duties. One of the longest such times was during the final days of the reign of Empress Eleanor the Thirtieth, who lost consciousness due to illness. During the twenty-two day period in which the Empress was in a coma, before her death, then Factotum Abigail Winter acted in the Empress’ name. This is the longest such period in the modern history of the role.

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