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Anna Moreau
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Anna Moreau

Anna Moreau is the star of Never Before, Once Upon a Time in Adelphia, and The Saturn…

Bacchanalia in the Empire of Australia
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The Bacchanalia (sometimes also called “Bauchanalia” or the “Empire Bacchanalia”) is a five-day period of rest and…

Brown Robe
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Brown Robes

Brown Robes is a colloquial term for followers of Josephine Imre’s Purity movement.

CAFFA - Cascadia Film and Farnsworth Award
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The Cascadian Film and Farnsworth Awards (CAFFAS) are the premier awards for works for the large and…

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Children of Corvus

The Children of Corvus are members of the supposed murder cult founded by the eponymous “Corvus” whose…

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Complexe du Parc Central

The Complexe du Parc Central in New Bordeaux is the expansive park system at the heart of…

Dark House musical subgenre pioneered by Mr Darling
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Dark House

Dark House is a musical subgenre of House music pioneered by Cascadian DJ Mr Darling. Typified by…

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Denis d’Bordeaux

Denis d’Bordeaux became infamous as the Inquisitor of Dogma for Cascadia from 1579 to 1581. He was…

Disciples of Jesus
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Disciples of Jesus

The Disciples of Jesus (DOJ) is a Christian sect existing in Cascadia, the United States of New…

An early Farnsworth device featuring a scene from Alison McGovern's The Martian Adventure
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The Farnsworth is a mass telecommunication medium for transmitting moving images and sound. It was created and…

Fear Of A Black Rabbit by Paul Marie and Jacob DeAngelo
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Fear of a Black Rabbit

Fear of a Black Rabbit is a book by Paul Marie and Jacob DeAngelo about the history…

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German Resistance Movement

The German Resistance Movement (Deutsche Widerstandsbewegung) is the underground, organized resistance of the German people against the…

Starry Night by Margot d'Bordeaux
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Margot d’Bordeaux

The Aotearoan painter Margot d’Bordeaux is credited with creating dozens of works of the Aotearoan countryside in…

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mr darling

Mr Darling is a DJ, signed to the Circa22 Label, and known for his Dark House concept…

Never Before Starring Anna Moreau - Empire Universe
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Never Before

A drama series starring Anna Moreau. A high-concept show, the series was based around the character of…

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Once Upon A Time In Adelphia

Once Upon A Time In Adelphia is a drama series starring Anna Moreau. The series featured Anna…

Opinber Portrait of Eleanor I
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Opinber Portrait

Commissioned by Eleanor XVII and painted by the artist Rafael Hemdragoon, the artwork is considered to be…

Privy Councilors a new comedy from Empire Media
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Privy Councilors

Privy Councilors is a fictional series created for the Farnsworth by Empire Media in 2021. The comedy…

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Purges of Faith

The Purges of Faith was a period of religious persecution that spanned from Eleanor the Seventeenth’s ascension…

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Queen Lear

A play by William Shakespeare about a mother who must decide how to divide her lands and…

The Repos Final in New Bordeaux
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Repos Final

The Repos Final is the mausoleum of the Empresses of Australia. Commissioned by Eleanor the Fifth, it…

The Saturn Chronicles Starring Anna Moreau Redux
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Saturn Chronicles

A science-fiction series starring Anna Moreau. Set on the base of Titan in the year 2243, the…

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Service of the Hidden Good

A tenet of the True Disciples of Jesus, the Service of Hidden Good is the requirement that…

The Complex - Pørtland's Favorite Dance Club
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The Complex

A dance and social club in Pørtland, Cascadia.

The Fall of Minoa
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The Fall of Minoa

The Fall of Minoa refers to a famous artwork depicting the destruction by a tsunami of the…