Morena Arshagouni

Morena Arshagouni is a writer of serialized romance and erotica who came to prominence with the underground success of her Tales of the Green Bar series. Other prominent stories series include: What She Felt When…, Heaven of Earthly Delights, and Dreams of Winter.

Her age is a closely guarded secret, but she is thought to have been born in the 1980s. She claims to be descended from a fourth century dynasty of the Armenian royal family and is known to introduce herself as Princess Arshagouni.

Arshagouni’s prose is noted for its lively and sometimes explicit style while she is personally known for her theatrical lifestyle which is often discussed in tabloids like Filthy Lucre and The X Project. Every solstice and equinox she throws an elaborate, secretive, and extremely exclusive party which is by invitation only. Only thirty-three people receive invitations and it is not usually the same guest list at each event, but rather completely new people whom she has met and with whom she wishes to cultivate a deeper relationship.

Her current story series, NSFW, is set to debut from Empire Media sometime in 2016 although an exact date has not yet been forthcoming from either Arshagouni or Empire Media.

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