Languages of the Empire of Australia

The Empire of Australia is a vast territory with enclaves all over the world and many languages are spoken throughout its territories. The Empire has five official languages: Australian French, English, Te Reo Māori, Portuguese, and Amalgamated Viking.

95% of the population of the Empire of Australia speak at least two languages while 70% speak at least three.

Historically, French was spoken by the upper classes of the Empire and it was until Eleanor XXXIII, considered the court language of the Empire. This changed by décret (Décret 3708) in Eleanor the Thirty-Third’s first year as Empress.

Portuguese is the main trade language of the Empire, and most official trade contracts and the bulk of contract law within the Empire is written in Portuguese.

Te Reo Māori was historically the language of the security services and the military, because it’s limited knowledge beyond the Empire’s borders made it ideal for communicating secretly.

Amalgamated Viking is a modern combination of nordic languages that have historically been present in the Empire since it’s founding in the 1100s.

English, a relative newcomer to the Empire’s lexicon, first gained popularity with the arrival of Shakespeare and his troupe of performers. The language became fashionable and is the choice second language amongst many of the population of the Empire.