The following is meant to serve as a guide and resource for those seeking to create elements for the Empire Universe as collaborators.

What is included below is meant to be “canon”, that is, fixed style elements that should be referred to when creating aspects of the Empire Universe.

The general rule of thumb for the Empire Universe, however, is that if it isn’t specified here it is fair game. For example, if the colour scheme for a company in the Universe is specified you should use only those colours when building elements that pertain to that company, elements that a real company itself might consider part of its brand. If those colours aren’t specified, you may do as you please and submit a request to have your elements added to this official style guide.

Empire Universe

Empire Universe Font

The main font used for the Empire of Australia and many Empire Properties, including the Cascadia Game, is Trajan Pro.


Empire Universe Color Scheme

Empire Red – #ee1c25

White – #ffffff

Black – #000000

Empire Universe Primary Logo

The is the primary logo of the Empire of Australia project is is subject to copyright and trademark protection in the United States of America.

Empire of Australia

Empire of Australia Flag

The Flag of the Empire of Australia is known as the “Red Dawn” flag and consists of three seven-pointed stars: large, medium, and small on a black background that fades to the right into the Empire Red (#ee1c25) color.

Empire of Australia Flag - The "Red Dawn" Flag

Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia

Cascadia Color Scheme

Cascadia Blue – #223064

The main blue color used for all things Cascadia.

Cascadia Sea Blue – #3499aa

An alternative to the main Cascadia Blue. Used especially for anything maritime related.

Cascadia Dark Grey – #838183

Cascadia Light Grey – #cfcecd

Cascadia Red – #d33544

Cascadia Official Flag

The Flag of the Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia consists of top and bottom Cascadia Blue bars with a centred Cascadia Red thunderbird element that is glancing right. The body of the thunderbird is a stylized semi-circle Cascadia Dark Grey ocean with a Cascadia Blue mountain emanating light in Cascadia Light Grey.

The designs of the Cascadia Flag were created by the incomparable Jen Macias.

Cascadia “Red Hope” Flag

Cascadia Council of Chiefs Flag

The flag of the Cascadia Council of Chiefs.

City of Pørtland

City of Pørtland Color Scheme

Pørtland Light Blue – #42a8db

Cascadia Dark Grey – #838183

Pørtland Golden Light – #ecca6b

City of Pørtland Flag

Empire Universe - City of Pørtland Flag