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An artist's depiction of Bernard d Homme Nouveau
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Bernard d’Homme Nouveau

A member of the Knights Hospitaller of the Australian Order and a rumoured spy for 1151, Bernard…

Empire Universe - Captain Cutter
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Captain Cutter

A commander in the Cascadian army during the War of Independence, Captain Horatio Cutter was the most…

The Official Flag of Cascadia
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Cascadia Timeline

What is the Cascadia Timeline? The following Cascadia Timeline outlines major events in the history of the…

The Conquering Hero - Eleanor XV on a horse at the head of a conquering army amidst green fields of Portugal
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Conquest of Portugal

The Conquest of Portugal took place on September 21st, 1545 and was a military operation conducted by…

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Empire of Australia Timeline

About This Timeline The following timeline includes key events in the history of the Empire of Australia,…

Eleanor 30 | Eleanor 31 | Eleanor 32 | Eleanor 33 | Empresses of Australia | Empire Universe
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Empresses of Australia

The Complete List of the Empresses of Australia The following is the complete list of the Empresses…

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Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia

The Independent Sovereignty of Cascadia, commonly referred to as Cascadia, is a nation-state in the NW area…

A Knight Hospitaller of the Australian Order
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Knights Hospitaller of the Australian Order

The Knights Hospitaller of the Australian Order were a group of knights formerly associated with the Knights…

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Presidents of the Union of American States

Democratically Elected Presidents These Presidents of the Union of American States were elected by popular vote to…

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Presidents of the United States of New England

Benjamin Franklin (1789 – 1791) John Adams (1791 – 1797) Alexander Hamilton (1797 – 1805) Aaron Burr…

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Purges of Faith

The Purges of Faith was a period of religious persecution that spanned from Eleanor the Seventeenth’s ascension…

Band of Three - Rayna Hanover - Hero of Cascadia
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Rayna Hanover

A celebrated hero of the Cascadian revolution, Rayna Hanover was one of the Band of Three.

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Royal House of Aquitaine

The Royal House of Aquitaine is the name used to refer to the family and descendants of…

An artist's depiction of Sahalie with a microscope
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Sahalie was a famous doctor, innovator, and political figure in Cascadia’s early history. Among Sahalie’s most important…

The Fall of Minoa
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The Fall of Minoa

The Fall of Minoa refers to a famous artwork depicting the destruction by a tsunami of the…

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The Quiet Period

An epoch of Australian history including and between the reigns of Eleanor the Ninth and Eleanor the…

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Wings of Corvids

A now abandoned and decrepit tenement housing project built in Pørtland’s inner district that was created to…