Students of the Great Mystery

The Students of the Great Mystery is a religion created and popular in Cascadia. It is considered a belief system more than a prescriptive religion. The Students of the Great Mystery believe that what we see of the world is a microcosm of a much larger system, and series of systems, that replicates itself both at the macro and micro levels.

Believers of Great Mystery look down to the world of microbes, viruses, fungi, and plants and animals’ cells and see patterns of existence and methods of action that mirror those of higher orders. To Myseriosos, animals’ actions, the societies of humans, and the cooperatives of plants have profound similarities and connections to this lower order. Likewise to the behaviours of the planets, stars, and galaxies. These connections represent the belief that everything in the visible universe is part of the same fabric and pattern and that beyond what we can see, both in the higher order and the lower, is more of the same.

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