Cascadia Crime Sectorate

The Cascadia Crime Sectorate is the compendium of conceivable crimes collected and revised by the Great Council of the Law every decade. It is divided into three sections based on punishment: Section A, Section B, and Section X.

Section A Crimes are crimes that require a period of servitude to Cascadia at the prevailing wage to pay restitution to society and the victims of the crime. The amount of restitution typically equates to the crime committed. Famous examples of Section A Crimes include the land swindling Abigail and Franklin Powder engaged in that resulted in their lifetime servitude. These crimes might include Gross Material Deception, Defamation of a Private Individual, or

Section B Crimes are crimes that require public shaming in the stocks. These are typically low-level, non-violent behaviours that society wishes to enact some punishment for but which do not rise to the level of requiring complex restitutions. These crimes might include things akin to public spitting, public urination, or Minor Material Deception.

Section X Crimes are crimes that contain an element of moral torpor to them. Crimes of this nature are deemed to present such a threat to society that the person committing them is deemed irredeemable to society. These include homicide, rape, kidnapping, and other similar crimes. The punishment for these crimes is exile to one of the Section X Colonies maintained on islands off the coast of north-western Cascadia.