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Complexe du Parc Central

The Complexe du Parc Central in New Bordeaux is the expansive park system at the heart of…

brown trees on brown field during daytime
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Décret 2941

One of the most influential decrees made by a ruler of the Empire of Australia, it is…

Madeline Gabriel looking at one of her famous buildings
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Madeline Gabriel

A famous Cascadian architect and the foremost leader of the Post-Modernist School of architecture.

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Research Plaza

Home of Cascadia technology giant SoftLogic, Research Plaza is known for its deliberately empty sections that were…

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Sentral Tower

A large office building in the centre of Cascadia’s capital region, the Sentral Tower is a post-modernist-style…

train near trees inside building with indoor waterfalls
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The Hub

The city of Pørtland’s transportation centre, the Hub is a massive structure that melds nature with technology…

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Wings of Corvids

A now abandoned and decrepit tenement housing project built in Pørtland’s inner district that was created to…